Psalm 32 Poetry III

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Psalm 32-The Joy of Forgiveness

by George Cuff

“Blessed am I. My sins are forgiven; 
My spirit has peace and rest.
Before I repented I was driven
By sins that were unconfessed.

When I kept silent my health declined;
I groaned on my couch each day,
But when I confessed these sins of mine
You washed my misery away.

Yes, I have learned to confess my sin,
For then my spirit can rest.
By Your grace I’m cleansed within;
My transgressions fully addressed

Let all who are godly call on high
While You can still be found,
For when the mighty waters rise
You guide to higher ground.”

God to David:
“I will instruct you and teach you, My son
In the way you ought to go.
Each day to Me you must come
To learn what you need to know.

Do not be like the horse or mule
That refuses to be controlled.
Must I place a bridle on you
To lead you where you must go?

Many woes will come from above
To all who resist my will.
For all who surrender to Me in love
Peace and joy I instill.

Rejoice in the Lord My chosen ones.
Seek to be upright in heart.
Your eternal life has just begun
So why don’t you play it smart?”

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