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Psalm 51 Sword and Shield

Bible Study Psalm 51- Calvary Chapel 9 Bible Verses to help when you are struggling with guilt via Amazing Facts We all make mistakes, and God’s Word says we all have sinned. No matter how you came to your situation or how long you’ve carried […]

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Psalm 32 Study

I hope you enjoy this 20-minute discourse on Psalm 32 by Paul LeBoutillier of Calvary Chapel, Ontario Overview Parallel between Psalm 32 and Psalm 51 Summary verse to encapsulated entire Psalm Definition of Trangression Life without Confession Simplicity of Confession and Forgiveness Healing and confession […]

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Psalm 32 Poetry III

Psalm 32-The Joy of Forgiveness by George Cuff “Blessed am I. My sins are forgiven; My spirit has peace and rest.Before I repented I was drivenBy sins that were unconfessed. When I kept silent my health declined;I groaned on my couch each day,But when I confessed these […]

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