Psalm 46 Poetry Part II

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Psalm 46 Poem by Isaac Watts

God Fights for His Church

Let Zion in her King rejoice,
Tho’ Tyrants rage, and kingdoms rise;
He utters his almighty voice,
The nations melt, the tumult dies.

The Lord of old for Jacob fought,
And Jacob’s God is still our aid;
Behold the works his hand has wrought,
What desolations he has made.

From sea to sea, through all the shores
He makes the noise of battle cease;
When from on high his thunder roars,
He awes the trembling world to peace.

He breaks the bows, he cuts the spear.
Chariots he burns with heav’nly flame;
Let earth in silent wonder hear
The sound and glory of his name.

“Be still, and learn that I am God,
I reign exalted o’er the lands,
I will be known and fear’d abroad,
But still my throne in Zions stands.”

O Lord of hosts, Almighty King,
While we so near thy presence dwell,
Our faith shall sit secure and sing,
Nor fear the raging pow’rs of hell.


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