Psalm 144 Poetry

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English Poetry, faith, gratitude, In God we trust, Isaac watts

Psalm 144 Poetry Part I

Assistance and victory in the spiritual warfare

Isaac Watts

Forever blessed be the Lord,
My Savior and my shield!
He sends his Spirit with his word,
To arm me for the field.

When all my foes their force unite,
He makes my soul his care;
Instructs me in the heav’nly fight,
And guards me through the war.

A friend and helper so divine
My fainting hope shall raise:
He makes the glorious vict’ry mine,
And his shall be the praise.

Psalm 144 Poetry Part II

The vanity of man and condescension of God

Isaac Watts

Lord, what is man, poor feeble man,

Born of the earth at first?

His life a shadow, light and vain,

Still hasting to the dust.

O what is feeble, dying man,

Or any of his race,

That God should make it his concern

To visit him with grace?

That God who darts his lightnings down,

Who shakes the worlds above,

And mountains tremble at his frown,

How wondrous is his love!

Psalm 144 Poetry Part III

The Happy Nation

Isaac Watts

Happy the city where their sons,
Like pillars round a palace set,
And daughters, bright as polished stones,
Give strength and beauty to the state.

Happy the country where the sheep,
Cattle, and corn, have large increase;
Where men securely work or sleep,
Nor sons of plunder break the peace.

Happy the nation thus endowed,
But more divinely blest are those
On whom the all-sufficient God
Himself with all his grace bestows.

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