Month: October 2020

Psalm 119 Poetry Part VIII

Your mercies fill the earth, O Lord;how good your works appear!Instruct my eyes to read your word,and see the blessings there. My heart was fashioned by your hand,my service is your due;O help me, Lord, to understandthe things that I must do!  I am a […]

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Psalm 119 Poetry Part VII

Imperfection of nature, and perfection of scripture Isaac Watts Let all the heathen writers joinTo form one perfect book;Great God! if once compared with thine,How mean their writings look! Not the most perfect rules they gaveCould show one sin forgiv’n,Nor lead a step beyond the […]

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Psalm 119 Poetry Part VI

Holiness and Comfort of the Word Isaac Watts Lord, I esteem thy judgments right,And all thy statutes just;Thence I maintain a constant fightWith every flatt’ring lust. Thy precepts often I survey;I keep thy law in sight,Through all the business of the day,To form my actions […]

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