Psalm 66 | Praise, Meditate, Study

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Sing to the Lord, all the earth! Sing of his glorious name! Tell the world how wonderful he is.

How awe-inspiring are your deeds, O God! How great your power! No wonder your enemies surrender! All the earth shall worship you and sing of your glories. Come, see the glorious things God has done. What marvelous miracles happen to his people! He made a dry road through the sea for them. They went across on foot. What excitement and joy there was that day!

Because of his great power he rules forever. He watches every movement of the nations. O rebel lands, he will deflate your pride.

Let everyone bless God and sing his praises; for he holds our lives in his hands, and he holds our feet to the path. 10 You have purified us with fire,  O Lord, like silver in a crucible. 11 You captured us in your net and laid great burdens on our backs. 12 You sent troops to ride across our broken bodies.We went through fire and flood. But in the end, you brought us into wealth and great abundance.

13 Now I have come to your Temple with burnt offerings to pay my vows. 14 For when I was in trouble, I promised you many offerings. 15 That is why I am bringing you these fat male goats, rams, and calves. The smoke of their sacrifice shall rise before you.

16 Come and hear, all of you who reverence the Lord, and I will tell you what he did for me: 17 For I cried to him for help with praises ready on my tongue. 18 He would not have listened if I had not confessed my sins. 19 But he listened! He heard my prayer! He paid attention to it!

20 Blessed be God, who didn’t turn away when I was praying and didn’t refuse me his kindness and love.


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