Praying Psalm 54

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Psalm 54 Living Bible (TLB)

54 Written by David at the time the men of Ziph tried to betray him to Saul.

Come with great power, O God, and save me! Defend me with your might! Oh, listen to my prayer. For violent men have risen against me—ruthless men who care nothing for God are seeking my life.

But God is my helper. He is a friend of mine! He will cause the evil deeds of my enemies to boomerang upon them. Do as you promised and put an end to these wicked men, O God. Gladly I bring my sacrifices to you; I will praise your name, O Lord, for it is good.

God has rescued me from all my trouble, and triumphed over my enemies.

Prayer for yourself and those on your prayer list

  • Heavenly Father we look to you in time of trouble and uncertainty
  • Our faith in strengthened when we remember that you are our helper and our friend
  • Let us never forget that you rescue us from all our trouble and triumph over our enemies
  • Gladly we bring our praise to you!



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