Psalm 48 Poetry Part 1

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Psalm 48 Poetry by Isaac Watts

The Church is the Honor and Safety of a Nation

Great is the Lord, our God,
and let His praise be great;
He makes His churches His abode,
His most delightful seat.
These temples of His grace,
how beautiful they stand,
the honors of our native place
and bulwarks of our land!

Oft have our fathers told,
our eyes have often seen,
how well our God secures the fold
where His own sheep have been.
In ev’ry new distress
we’ll to His house repair,
recall to mind His wondrous grace,
and seek deliv’rance there.

Far as Thy Name is known,
the world declares Thy praise;
Thy saints, O LORD, before Thy throne,
their sons of honor raise.
With joy Thy people stand
on Zion’s chosen hill,
proclaim the wonders of Thy hand,
and councils of Thy will.

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