Pray_Scriptures Day 9

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Do not let kindness and truth forsake you. Bind them around your neck. Write them on the tablet of your heart.

Proverbs 3:3

Prayer for yourself and people on your prayer list…

  • Lord we thank you for your lovingkindness and mercy towards us
  • You do not treat us according to our sins because you remember that we are like dust (Psalm 103:14)
  • Help us to be consistently kind even when we are tired and frustrated, even if we are prosperous and successful, and especially when we have little time or resources to give.
  • We pray that our kindness extend to people we don’t get along with and those who hate us
  • Give us discernment so that we will offer true kindness to others and recognise that ‘harsh’ truth and ‘tough love‘ can be kind too.

Personal Development

Add empathy and discernment to the list of characteristics (step 3) you want to develop.

It seems that we swing either one way or the other but God can bring forth his perfect will in you! Trust and pray 🙂

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