Day 22- I will strive …means perseverance & sacrifice

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I will strive, in everything I do, to work together with my fellow men…

Do we give up too easily? Do we see failure before we even make the first step?

As a young nation sometimes we don’t realize that the systems and order and success we see in other nations are the result of thriving- persistence and sacrifice. There are few things that turn out the way we would like after the first, second, third or fourth try but persistence pays off.

The following story is taken from the book,There once was a zoo by Enrique Chaij

King Robert I of Scotland, also known as Robert the Bruce, was going through serious difficulties. The King of England, with his powerful armies, had already defeated him six times and Robert’s troops were completely weakened and dismantled.

King Robert himself was hidden in a modest country house. He had lost all hope of recovery, but while he was resting in that hideout one rainy morning, he looked up and saw a spider spinning its web in the beams of the roof.


spider-web II

As he watched it carefully, he noticed that the spider tried six times to throw its thread from one beam to another, but the thread fell every time.  Nevertheless, the spider was victorious on the seventh attempt and was able to secure and hang all the threads of its web.

When King Robert saw the conquering perseverance of the spider, he was encouraged again so he got up and said, “I will also try a seventh time.” He left his hiding place, organized his soldiers, fought the battle, and managed to defeat the English and cast them out of Scotland.

The experience of the spider and the King of Scotland represents in some way the experience of all human beings. Which people, in making their way, do not have to endure small and large failures? However, happy are those who do not get discouraged, who do not despair at the first obstacle, and persevere until they triumph. This applies to all those orders and activities of life: the student who fails an exam, the businessman who needs to overcome an economic crisis, or parents who must be steadfast in their efforts to straighten out an errant child.

Giving up is accepting failure and being crushed by it. However, trying one more time can often mean the conquest of success. How do you feel at this time of day? Discouraged, frustrated, or impatient to reach your goal right away? In that case, perhaps more effort, one more try can secure the victory. If our dreams and ideals are in proportion to our personal abilities, there is no reason for us to be afraid of failure.

Jesus said, “But he who endures to the end shall be saved” (Matthew 24:13). These words refer as much to the conduct of life as to the state of the heart. Persevering in effort, in the correct conduct, and especially in faith placed in God, this is the path that true conquerors take. That is what the perseverance of the spider in our story tells us- don’t give up.

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One thought on “Day 22- I will strive …means perseverance & sacrifice”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said indeed. A great lesson for those who tend to give easily and conclude that the world is against them.


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