Day 20- I will clean… in my deeds- Change in T&T

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I will be clean and honest in my words and my deeds.

As you read through the quotes below think about Our National Identity.

Can we, the people of Trinidad and Tobago be described as honest, law abiding, industrious, courteous, patient, reliable, diligent, orderly, peaceful, punctual and thorough? Can we be trusted to do what is right?

.good fruits

Reciting the pledge is meaningless unless we put the words in to actions.

Actions speak louder than words.


say do II

How does our national identity relate to your individual actions?

Would you describe yourself as honest, law abiding, industrious, courteous, reliable, diligent, orderly, peaceful, punctual and thorough?


Better you, better me, better T&T

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Child of God, Salt of the Earth

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