Day 2- I…dedicate my life

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Dedicate our life = dedicate our daily activities 

Our country needs dedicated people engaged in every sphere of useful work – teaching, cleaning, managing, regulating, entertaining, administrating, transporting, creating, buying, trading, maintaining, cultivating, innovating, guarding, organizing, overseeing, communicating, facilitating, policing, building, directing, studying, planning, analyzing, advising, reporting, nursing. From the preceding list it seems that the country needs only housewives and homemakers!

It may seem like a joke but there’s is some truth to it. Trinidad and Tobago is our home country and the work we do everyday is for the benefit of our home. As such the pledge calls us to be “homemakers of this country”. To dedicate our life to our country means we dedicate our lifework to making it our home.

Question: What is a home?

Answer: Home is where the heart is, this statement may be cliché but the concept of home is a matter of the heart. Home is where you feel loved i.e. safe, valued, appreciated and comfortable. Like the tortoise, you find that home is a special part of who you are as a person, wherever in the world you find yourself.

Question : How does God fit into this?

Answer: God is love and the Spirit of God manifests the peace, joy, mercy, patience, kindness, goodness, generosity, gentleness  that makes you feel loved.

Question: How can you make a house into a home?

Answer: Carry about your daily duties with love for others in your heart.

So, do you feel ‘at home’ in Trinidad and Tobago?  Is this country more than a place to house to us? Do we make sure that occupants feel safe, valued, appreciated and comfortable? Is Trinidad and Tobago part of your sense of self?

Trinidad and Tobago will feel like home when we work together to make it our home and when we see it as more than a construct we happen to use for shelter. If you think of additional ways to make T&T our home leave your suggestion in the comment section.


Be the change you want to see in T&T

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