Day 1- I solemnly pledge

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Pledge 1

Daily we become more and more divided as a country – divided along party lines, class, race, ethnicity, allegiance to self interest. The very first line of the pledge is a commitment to dedicate our lives as a solemn pledge– that is quite a lot!

A “solemn pledge” cannot be taken lightly, there is a lot at stake.

During this challenge we will be called upon to practise empathy, self restraint, selflessness and generosity.

We will be called upon to fix ourselves first instead of pointing fingers at others…this is going to be a real challenge, but we can do it together.

Today let us start on common ground and build our nation TOGETHER.

Today let us labour toward a Better Trinidad and Tobago.

Let us take the Independence Pledge of Trinidad and Tobago 

Take it seriously;

Take it to heart;

Take it into our every day lives;

Take it to your homes, schools and workplaces;

Take it with us as we drive through the towns and villages of our beautiful country.

Over the next 30 days, let us live the full meaning of this Pledge

To emerge as a better nation.

30 Days to a Better Trinidad and Tobago starts today and continues every day.

We can be a stronger nation not because of the outcome of our election process.

Our Nation can be stronger because we can be truly united in our allegiance to Trinidad and Tobago.

Take the Pledge TODAY and EVERYDAY for the rest of your life.

May God help us.

Be the change you want to see in T&T

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Child of God, Salt of the Earth

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