Psalm 119 Poetry Part VIII

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anxiety, English Poetry, faith, In God we trust, Isaac watts

Your mercies fill the earth, O Lord;
how good your works appear!
Instruct my eyes to read your word,
and see the blessings there.

My heart was fashioned by your hand,
my service is your due;
O help me, Lord, to understand
the things that I must do! 

I am a stranger here below;
let not your path be hid;
but mark the road my feet should go,
and be my constant guide.

When I confessed to wandering ways,
my grief was not in vain;
you give the guidance of your grace,
that I not stray again.

The Gospel’s comfort, when I bore
variety of grief,
helped me to love your law the more,
and fly to its relief.

When I have learned my Father’s will,
I’ll teach the world your ways;
my thankful lips, inspired with zeal,
shall ever sing your praise!

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Child of God, Salt of the Earth

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