Psalm 116 Poetry Part II

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Thanks for Private Deliverance

Isaac Watts

What shall I render to my God
for all his kindness shown?
my feet shall visit thine abode,
my songs address thy throne.

2 How much is mercy thy delight,
thou ever-blessed God!
How dear thy servants in thy sight!
How precious is their blood!

3 How happy all thy servants are!
How great thy grace to me!
My life, which thou hast made thy care,
Lord, I devote to thee.

4 Now I am thine, forever thine,
nor shall my purpose move;
thy hand hath loosed my bonds of pain,
and bound me with thy love.

5 Here in thy courts I leave my vow,
and thy rich grace record;
witness, ye saints who hear me now,
if I forsake the Lord.

Bible Study

This sermon looks at the topic of thankfulness. Is it possible to go to heaven if we don’t know how to be thankful? Every saved person is a thankful person. Revelation tells us the living creatures give thanks to the Lord continually. Thankfulness is something we should cultivate. We should learn to be thankful and how to express appreciation.

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