Psalm 75 |Thanksgiving for God’s Righteous Judgment

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Psalm 75 Living Bible (TLB)

 How we thank you, Lord! Your mighty miracles give proof that you care.

“Yes,” the Lord replies, “and when I am ready, I will punish the wicked! Though the earth shakes and all its people live in turmoil, yet its pillars are firm, for I have set them in place!”

I warned the proud to cease their arrogance! I told the wicked to lower their insolent gaze[a]and to stop being stubborn and proud. 6-7 For promotion and power come from nowhere on earth, but only from God. He promotes one and deposes another. In Jehovah’s hand there is a cup of pale and sparkling wine. It is his judgment, poured out upon the wicked of the earth. They must drain that cup to the dregs.

But as for me, I shall forever declare the praises of the God of Jacob. 10 “I will cut off the strength of evil men,” says the Lord,[b] “and increase the power of good men in their place.”

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