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I belong to a small group of mostly women who are enthusiastic about planners. Most use a brand called Happy Planner and out of 40+ persons literally just one or two use the Erin Condren (EC) planner. I am well-known as one of the few EC planner users. Yesterday I got a text in group chat asking which planner I plan on using for 2021. The text was tongue in cheek, but I thought it was the usual Happy Planner vs EC Planner banter.

The thing is switching planners is serious. It is like switching your favourite brand of running shoes or phone plan. A bad fit would be more than a daily annoyance .

When you chose a planner, you commit to living with this choice for an entire year. Although the spend is not major, it is not trivial. Plus you are likely to have bought a lot of stickers which fit your current planner perfectly that may not work as well in another layout, sizing etc.

You get the gist, it’s a big deal and we are still six and a half months from the start of the new year.

So which planner do you plan on using…?

I responded saying that mostly likely I would get another EC planner but I have considered other brands just not the Happy Planner.

Apparently a storm was brewing on Instagram. I was totally unaware that Erin Condren, the person behind the EC planner was being cancelled. The Planner Community was called upon to boycott Erin Condren and support black planner creators. In short, Erin Condren was accused of using BLM to stage her daughter’s graduation walk. She later issued an apology.

Update: Erin Condren has taken a leave of absence from the company.

I literally slept on this bit of news and got up today and went about my day as usual.

As I was doing my devotion this morning, I contemplated on my showing up for church under the pretence of worshipping God. I may well be guilty of pretending to worship the God of the Universe when I really wanted to hang out with friends, pass the time, look good, strut my stuff, do what is expected by society, show off some new item, show off my talents…the list goes on. This, for something that is sacred!

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Jeremiah 17:9

What I know for sure is I have done much worse to offend the God of the Universe and He has not cancelled me. Sometimes we are buffeted by others and we fully deserve it; sometimes we are innocently maligned. Most likely, the truth is it is somewhere in between, not in the middle, somewhere between. But when we stand before God, what can we say?

I am black. I am not an American citizen. I used to live in America but not anymore. You may find worth in my position or dismiss my stance based on this background information- either way these things don’t fully define or describe me.

I am an independent thinker. I try to live in a way that pleases God and myself, mostly in that order. Living to please, appease, condone or condemn others does not sit well with me.

So first off, in the month of June, I am not deciding which planner I will use in 2021 because I usually decide in November and actually spend in November. Secondly, I have known for a while now that Erin and I disagree on moral issues. Thirdly, I also know that when it comes to living as a christian, I have disagreed with the sway of modern thinking and mainstream christianity on hot topics and many important issues that receive little attention. Fourthly, I have many friends who don’t agree with my way of thinking but they remain as friends and I love them dearly.

My blog is not widely popular but recently I realised there has been increased interest in an post I wrote in 2015. It is about nation building, unity and diversity. I wrote this post in a different time for a local audience but I believe it stands true for all races for all times:

Whenever you are tempted to give in to racist sentiments, look at your hands, clasp them and pray to Our Father in Heaven for love within…”

This blog is a call to prayer, not a call to appease, support, condone or condemn anyone or any organisation. Pray for your own state of mind, for those who have been wronged, those who empathise with the hurt others are feeling and for those who are filled with disappointment, frustration, anger and hate. Pray for love…true love within.

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