Psalm 49 Poetry Part II

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Psalm 49 Poetry by Isaac Watts

Pride and Death; or, The Vanity of Life and Riches

Ye sons of pride, that hate the just
And trample on the poor,
When death has brought you down to dust,
Your pomp shall rise no more.

The last great day shall change the scene;
When will that hour appear?
When shall the just revive, and reign
O’er all that scorned them here?

God will my naked soul receive,
When sep’rate from the flesh;
And break the prison of the grave,
To raise my bones afresh.

Heav’n is my everlasting home,
Th’ inheritance is sure:
Let men of pride their rage resume,
But I’ll repine no more.

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In God we Trust

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4 thoughts on “Psalm 49 Poetry Part II”

  1. holytreasurehunter says:

    These Isaac Watts’ verses are as pertinent today as they were when he penned them. Thank you and God bless you.


    • holytreasurehunter says:

      Wow! I just downloaded your prayer journaling booklet out of curiosity, it is excellent. More importantly it is a direct answer to my prayer this morning for God to guide me how to do a prayer journal. Hallelujah! Praise God for His provisions today.


    • Sometimes I wonder if I should feature texts that are relevant to current issues but the psalms are always right on target. Enjoy!

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