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Psalms = Prayers

Starting in January this blog will feature Psalms as a source of inspiration for powerful prayers.

The Psalms are a rich resource for praise and petition. A daily dose of Psalms is sure to banish anxiety and boost your trust in God.

Psalms have always been a part of my life; I can repeat Psalm 1 and Psalm 23 by heart. Psalm 121 was our school song at my Presbyterian alma mater.

Psalm 103 is very special to me. I am not sure if its my favourite but it has come up during some turning points in my life.

Which is your favourite Psalm?

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3 thoughts on “Pray_Psalms”

  1. My favorite Psalm is 91. I memorized this Psalm and often repeat it if I can’t sleep. Soon I’m relaxed, peaceful, and fall right to sleep. Blessings!


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