Day 18- I will be clean (tactful)… in my words

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“I will be clean and honest in my thoughts, my words and my deeds.”

WHITE is a colour (technically an achromatic colour) that represents peace, we also use it to represent cleanliness. Being ‘clean’ in our words could mean refraining from using obscene language but there is no need to argue that life would be better without us hurling expletives at each other. Today let’s consider “clean” words as words that promote peace and unity. These clean words come in the form of tact and diplomacy.

“Diplomacy is the art of letting somebody else have your way.”  David Frost


“Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.”  Isaac Newton

 As a nation we need to improve the systems currently in place for education, healthcare, infrastructure, efficiency, national security and public service. Exactly how we achieve this is the inexhaustible fodder for political debate, political discussions and general ‘ole’ talk. However, by maintaining tact and diplomacy in our discussions we can maintain national unity. Inflammatory words spoken in bravado or with indignation are good at providing cheap points, entertainment, headlines and talking points but we make no progress toward improvement. Inflammatory words only strengthen the resolve of the opposing side and we, the people, grow further and further apart without solving any of our problems. This principle also extends to our personal lives.

Using tact and diplomacy appropriately can:

  1. Lead to improved relationships
  2. Build and develop mutual respect
  3. Result in more successful outcomes
  4. Reduce stress

 live together or perish

To achieve national unity and progress we must choose to develop the art and practise of tact and diplomacy in our words and in our actions. Clean words are words that promote peace and unity in our land, the pledge calls on use to be clean in our speaking and our writing.

Better you, better me, better T&T















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