Day 11- I will honour my teachers…by being a good role model

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There are many reasons you may not want to take up the noble profession of teaching officially, but you are a teacher nonetheless. Whether or not we are aware of it, young people are looking on and learning from us.lion learning teaching

In years gone by, teachers were highly respected in society. Teachers were widely considered to be honest, cultured, knowledgeable, reliable, respectable, punctual and well-spoken- everything a parent wanted their child to emulate.  Back then, citizens in this time-honoured profession were recognized as role models to young impressionable minds. These men and women instilled order and discipline by their mere presence inside and outside of the classroom.

Fast forward to the present day and we find that the attitude of parents, teachers, parents and students have changed. Not only that, the entire school system has been reshaped. I wouldn’t get into whether it is for the better or worse. The fact remains that we need positive role models now more than ever. Whether we are parents, homemakers, professionals or retired workers we can teach the upcoming generation right from wrong.

In all walks of life we have had people who took the time to teach us something good, let’s pass it on.

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